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Hi, everyone!  Welcome to Keystone, a southern California town that looks just like any other. However, hidden beneath the little shops on the promenade, the quaint houses of the town citizens, and the vast mountains where the rich have secluded themselves is a well of secrets and soap-opera drama mixed in with the typical problems of everyday life. Want to know more about the citizens of this little lakeside town and their lives?Then explore this website, purchase a novel or two, and find out! 

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It's All About...

It all starts in book 1, A New Year, A New Beginning!  Buy the book and start reading!

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young adult theme
young adult theme
Book 1 Welcome to Keystone Book Series

Recently Released!

Rock Bottom, Book 13 in the Welcome to Keystone Series.  Purchase your copy today!

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Created by Stephanie Peterson 
Author and Creator of the Keystone Series

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