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About the Author

Stephanie Peterson was born in Willingboro, New Jersey on October 21, 1984.  For the first four years of her life, she lived in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, but she primarily grew up in Jackson, New Jersey with her parents, two siblings, and an assortment of cats.  As a child, Stephanie was consistently making up short stories that usually starred her family and friends. While in high school, she began writing the Welcome to Keystone series as a way of quelling boredom during the summer between her freshman and sophomore years.


After high school, Stephanie attended Georgian Court University where she studied English Education while continuing to write the Welcome to Keystone series. Upon graduating, she moved to Lebanon, Pennsylvania where she began teaching English at a Catholic high school in Harrisburg. Throughout her career, Stephanie has expanded her writing to include a few poems, two fairy tale screenplays, and a series of TV scripts for a half-hour dramedy series called Super Teacher.  To peruse and purchase other works by Stephanie, click here.


Stephanie and Her Siblings: Joyce and Frankie

Stephanie and Her Best Friend and Number One Fan, Danielle.


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