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Other Works

Did you enjoy the Welcome to Keystone series and decide that you would like to take a look at other works by Stephanie Peterson?  Then explore the books and summaries listed below!  If you are interested in purchasing any of these additional works, simply click on the links below in order to be transferred to where the books are available in both print and kindle format (print only for fairy tales).  Thank you for your interest and  purchase!


Moralistic Fairy Tale Collection

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scan0016 (1)_edited.jpg

Collection Description: A set of tales designed to teach morals and important life lessons.  Each book is constructed with text and hand-drawn pictures of characters and events in the story.    

Charisma Amazon Cover.jpg


Book Summary: All Charisma Ridgeway has ever wanted is to be accepted and loved for being herself.  However, her simple way of life is a great distress for her family because in society’s eyes, a girl of her wealth and position should be living much more extravagantly.  Despite her family’s constant ridicule and scorn, Charisma takes them in and cares for them when the market crashes and leaves them destitute.  However, with the help of Royce Marsters and his family, the Ridgeways may have a chance to regain their wealth.  All that is required is that Charisma make the ultimate sacrifice: giving up her own happiness in exchange for her family’s.     

Charisma Trailer

An Irish Tale Cover.jpg

  An Irish Tale

Book Summary: Nestled within the beautiful land of Ireland are two warring kingdoms: The Protestant McAllisters of Belfast and the Catholic Aberdeens of Cork.  When King Lorcan and King Eugene die as a result of their ongoing battle for control of their country, it is up to their children to finish the fight.  Eager to bring honor to his family’s name, Prince Aaron plunges back into battle only to be badly wounded.  Meanwhile, following the death of her father, naive and innocent Princess Colleen has disguised herself as a commoner in order to survive until the war’s end.  When these two heirs to the throne unexpectedly meet, they will be forced to look beyond their ingrained prejudices toward one another and work together to find a solution that will finally bring peace to their land. 

An Irish Tale Trailer

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