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Allison Reed Lawrence

Nickname:  Al
Date of Birth:  October 9

Age:  10

Hometown:  Keystone, California

Present Location:  7 Moon Court, Keystone, California
Parents:  Dennis and Annie Lawrence 

Siblings:  Keri Ann Lawrence, Jody Lawrence, Darrin Lawrence, Johnny Lawrence, Caterina Lawrence, Kaitlin Lawrence, and Marisa Lawrence

Marriages:  None
Romances:  None
Children:  None

Friends:  Sally Marrone

Enemies:  None

Occupation:  Fourth-Grade Student at Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School  

Car:  None

Date of Death:  Still Alive

First Book Appearance:  Book 1-A New Year, A New Beginning

Other Interesting Facts: 

  • Allison is a tomboy who participates in many sports such as soccer, basketball, and softball.

  • Allison is very good at finding out her siblings' secrets and using them to her advantage.

  • Allison is known for being very blunt.

  • Allison enjoys reading biographies about famous athletes and books about sports teams.

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