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Aubrey Jane Hendersen

Nickname:  None
Date of Birth: 

Age:  19

Hometown:  Keystone, California

Present Location:  4 Begonia Road, Keystone, California
Parents:  Joe and Charlene Hendersen 

Siblings:  Nick Hendersen

Marriages:  None
Romances:  Darrin Lawrence
Children:  None

Friends:  Darrin Lawrence

Occupation:  College Freshman at California State University at San Pepe/ Medical Records Typist at Dr. Steven Michaels’s Office

Car:  Sea-Foam-Green Chrysler PT Cruiser

Date of Death:  Still Alive

First Book Appearance:  Book 1-A New Year, A New Beginning

Other Interesting Facts: 

  • Aubrey is studying to become an accountant.

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