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Flora Natalie Brown

Nickname:  None

Date of Birth:  September 30 

Age:  36

Hometown:  Keystone, California

Present Location:  180 Bay Avenue, Apartment 18, Keystone, California

Parents:  Paul Brown and Holli Windear  

Siblings:  Connie Hillard and Alexandria Brown

Marriages:  Harry Nander (divorced) 

Romances:  Unknown

Children:  Loretta Nander (with Harry)

Friends:  Fiona Marrone

Enemies:  None

Occupation:  Servant to the Riches Family  

Car:  Slate-Blue 1995 Jeep Cherokee 

Date of Death:  Still Alive 

First Book Appearance:  Book 1-A New Year, A New Beginning

Other Interesting Facts:  

·    Flora is basically a second mother to Gerard.

·    Flora is very introverted and quiet and doesn’t like conflict.

·    Flora loves to read and has always dreamed of becoming a writer.

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