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Keystone Closets

Ever wonder just exactly what I have in mind when I describe characters’ clothing?  Well, this is the place to find out!  Just click on the links below to see the complete wardrobe for each character.


Dennis Lawrence                      Kevin Darski                Harry Nander                           Rosalind Sharlin


Annie Lawrence                       Deana Darski               Flora Brown                             Buzz Sharlin


Keri Ann Lawrence                  Suzanne Darski            Loretta Nander                         Bridget Hadly


Jody Lawrence                         Fiona Marrone             Alexandria Brown                     Blake Canon


Darrin Lawrence                       Percy Marrone            Sylvester Riches                       Cloey Canon


Johnny Lawrence                     Dana Marrone             Georgia Riches                         Kiki Canon


Caterina Lawrence                   Mark Marrone              Lucifer Riches                          Jose Canon


Kaitlin Lawrence                      Patrick Marrone           Sapphire Riches                      Cerissa Canon


Allison Lawrence                     Sally Marrone              Cahuenga Riches                     Bernadette Hoffman


Marisa Lawrence                     Trevor Sherbert            Gerard Riches                         Mandy Crestfield


Clark O’Brian                          June Sherbert              Carmella Featherspoon            Nina Black


Lisa O’Brian                           Chris Sherbert              Leticia Featherspoon               Maddy Yardley


Justin O’Brian                        Caroline Sherbert          Virginia Featherspoon-Riches   Earl Jaminson


Edward O’Brian                      Linda Hart                    Missy Featherspoon                Allyson Wojahowski


Joe Hendersen                       Brendan Hart                Doug Juniper                          Lorraine Olsen


Charlene Hendersen               Catherine Cartion          Violet Skyler                          Dora Washington


Aubrey Hendersen                  Keith Hart                    Max Juniper


Nick Hendersen                      Neil Hart                      Zoe Skyler


Clinton Drake                         Marshall Hart               Jerry Pardinsky


Jessamine Drake                   Cassie Lee Hart            Milena Pardinsky


Delia Drake                            Paul Brown                  Sylvia Pardinsky


Prescott Drake                      Holli Windear               Tamara Pardinsky


Gordon Ingoria                       Zack Hillard                 Maureen Sharlin


Lauren Ingoria                       Connie Hillard              George Sharlin


Janea Ingoria                        Scott Hillard                 Eliza Hadly


Natasha Ingoria                     Hope Hillard                 Randy Hadly


*  As of right now, only the outfits for A New Year, A New Beginning have been uploaded, so the links to characters who aren’t in this book will not work.  In the future, I also plan to add links that will allow you to see outfits worn in flashbacks and pictures, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do it yet, so please be patient.  Thank you.

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