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Kiki Frances Canon

Nickname:  None 

Date of Birth:  October 19

Age:  18

Hometown:  Keystone, California

Present Location:  301 Spring Street, Keystone, California
Parents:  Blake and Cloey Canon 

Siblings:  Jose Canon and Cerissa Canon 

Marriages:  None
Romances:  Devin Cambridge

Children:  None


Enemies:  Her parents

Occupation:  High-School Senior at Keystone Regional High School

Car:  Silver Chevy Corvette Convertible

Date of Death:  Still Alive

First Book Appearance:  Book 10-Take Me To Court!

Other Interesting Facts:

  • Kiki is into the arts.  She takes art classes and also performs in school musicals.

  • Kiki doesn’t believe in the values her parents have taught her and has a habit of secretly dating middle-class boys.

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